Oral Cancer and Dental Pathology

Oral probably malignant disorders (OPMDs) embrace a spread of lesions Associate in Nursing conditions characterised by an accrued risk for malignant transformation (MT) to oral epithelial cell malignant neoplastic disease (OSCC). Leukoplakia and erythroplakia are the foremost common OPMDs, whereas special stress has been placed on the premalignant nature of oral lichen (OLP).

It is usually accepted that the histopathological options of a given lesion, particularly the presence and degree of animal tissue abnormal condition, ar presently the foremost helpful indicators of MT risk. However, histopathological assessment alone doesn't give Associate in nursing correct assessment of MT risk, and alternative options, like clinical and molecular parameters, should be taken into consideration. During this regard, the clinical characteristics of OPMDs will show extensive variation at intervals constant histopathologically outlined entity which will be vital to the chance of progression towards malignancy, thus, serving as prognostic factors of MT and facilitating clinical choices for more intervention and follow up.

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